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Team Duels

Are you ready for a new concept? Have you ever teamed up with, trained with, and competed with the best of the best against the best of the best? Have you ever been coached by the best minds in Youth Jiujitsu? Are you ready for Jitzkins 4? We are not your dad’s old tournament, our coaches will be drafting competitors “gree agents” into 6 Jitzkids teams. 2 teams ages 10-12, 2 teams ages 13-15, and 2 teams ages 15-17. Coaches will flip a coin and the winner will select the first competitor or defer to select first match. Our competitors train with their teams the day before the competition and they compete against the other team the day after. July 26-27 following Pan Kids. Let’s think differently, let’s grow Jiujitsu together.

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